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Selected Results

Results and Accomplishments

Mr. Doerrer has served as Counsel (as either lead or co-counsel) in the following significant cases:
  • Clients contracted Trichinosis from hotel restaurant in Washington, DC (Confidential Settlement)
  • E. coli outbreak at daycare in Northern Virginia daycare (person to person transmission) (Confidential Settlement)
  • Dram shop case, overserved intoxicated bar patron fell down stairs (Confidential Settlement)
  • Represented Safeway shopper who slipped on unidentified substance in Washington DC Safeway and suffered severe leg fracture. (Confidential Settlement) (8/2018)
  • Represented motorcyclist injured in debilitating crash in Washington DC, and negotiated substantial reduction in DC Medicaid lien. (Policy Limits Settlement) (8/2021)
  • Represented passenger injured in disfiguring auto accident ($475,000 Settlement)
  • Skateboarder struck by elderly driver, broken leg (Confidential Settlement)
  • Skateboarder struck by elderly driver, broken arm (Confidential Settlement)
  • Represented driver who suffered wrist injury necessitating surgery in auto accident (Confidential Settlement)
  • Represented parties in relation to in custody suicides at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center (Confidential Settlements)
  • Civil rights arising from murder of mentally ill pretrial detainee by his cellmate ($400,000.00 Settlement)
  • Medical Malpractice case against university psychologist (Confidential Settlement)
  • Medical Malpractice case against doctor for botched circumcision (Confidential Settlement)
  • Medical Malpractice / Wrongful death case against Jail Nurse for Failing to Treat Inmate Who Died of Dehydration as the Result of Acute Opioid Withdrawals (Confidential Settlement)
  • Medical Malpractice / Wrongful death case against nursing home for failing to turn and reposition patient who developed infected Stage IV decubitus ulcer which caused his death (Confidential Settlement) (8/2021)

Represented family of murder victim in civil case versus convicted killer. (Summary Judgment Granted, ordering damages of $11,977,500.00, including $10,000,000.00 in punitive damages)

  • Represented 3 year old victim of sexual assault at a Northern Virginia daycare (Confidential Settlement)
  • Represented two adult victims who were sexually assaulted by a serial-predator elementary school employee in the 1990’s (Confidential Settlement)
  • Co-lead counsel and defeated motion to dismiss in class action brought against individual owners of Full Tilt Poker on behalf of class of poker players whose player account funds were improperly diverted to Full Tilt’s owners (including well known professional poker players).
  • Co-lead attorney in ERISA class action brought to recover health insurer overcharges. Class members ultimately re-paid in full. See Dick v. Cerner Corp., 11-cv-00468 (W.D. Mo.).
  • Part of attorney team representing nationwide class of “Light” cigarette smokers who were falsely induced to smoke Light cigarettes based on their unfounded belief that Lights were not as dangerous as non-Light cigarettes.
  • Part of attorney team representing class members in numerous federal antitrust class actions, nationwide.
  • Serving as Class Counsel in nationwide class action against Healthy Paws pet insurance for improperly inflating premiums in breach of promise in policy documents.
  • Part of attorney team representing victim of Navy Yard Shootings. Led e-discovery effort to facilitate review of thousands of pages of documents by attorneys nationwide.
  • Represented Defendant California television station and owner in defamation action seeking substantial damages. Obtained dismissal for lack of personal jurisdiction.
  • Represented employee in case alleging that he was not paid minimum wage and overtime by his car dealer employer. (Confidential Settlement) (7/2021)



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