Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Class Action

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Class Action

The Law Office of Stan M. Doerrer, working with co-counsel, recently filed a class action Complaint relating to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. The lawsuit alleges that Healthy Paws breached its contract with insurers by taking pets’ ages into account in increasing premiums.

Healthy Paws’ uniform contract states: “Monthly premiums may change for all policyholders to reflect changes in the costs of veterinary medicine.” In spite of this language, the suit alleges that Healthy Paws’ increased premiums yearly based on factors other than the costs of veterinary medicine, including the age of the pet.

As policyholders’ pets got older– monthly premiums increased significantly more than the costs of veterinary medicine. According to the Nationwide Purdue Veterinary Price Index, 2019 update: “Overall, veterinary pricing during the last four years, inclusive (end of 2014 to the end of 2018), has increased by 21.1 percent….” During that same period, the “Plaintiff’s premiums increased from $33.62 to $55.61, a whopping 65.4%. And in the two years’ since, Plaintiff’s premiums have increased from $55.61 to $104.50, an additional 87%”

The State of Washington’s Officer of the Insurance Commissioner recently fined both Healthy Paws and its underwriters (ACE American Insurance Company and Indemnity) for numerous violations, including impermissibly taking into account a pet’s age when calculating premiums. In a consent order, the Commissioner identified the following area of concern, “Allowing Healthy Paws’ producer to increase the pet age factor [in calculating monthly premiums] contrary to policy language indicating the factor would remain constant.”

Plaintiff seeks to represent a nationwide class for claims, including breach of contract, and a California statewide class for violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law. If you are a Healthy Paws policyholder and would like more information, please contact this law firm to discuss your rights.

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  • John ott

    I have two dogs with Healthy Paws and was concerned with the rate increase. Count me in

  • Jen G

    I’ve had my dog insured with Healthy Paws for 10 years now, and the first few years the increases were small, but this year the increase is almost $50/month. Overall I’m paying almost 4 times more than my initial monthly premium, and my deductible also increased last year (without them notifying me in advance). It seems that many people experienced an unreasonable rate increase this year.

  • G.

    I have been a client of Healthy Paws for several years. I adopted a rescue dog who, unbeknownst to me, has a myriad of health issues. While I appreciate Healthy Paws, I feel that I am being penalized for her medical condition as evidenced by the recent inordinate increase in the premium cost. Furthermore, I received no notification of this increase.

  • Tim Anderson

    I’ve been a Healthy Paws policyholder for nearly 10 years. I, too, noticed a drastic increase in premiums last year – jumping from $70’ish all the way to $107+. I don’t see how any insurer can justify that large of an increase – especially since I have not filed a claim in years.

    I called Healthy Paws and, to my surprise, they acknowledged the pet’s age is now suddenly being taken into account for insurance rates. I was even more surprised they acknowledged they literally state that age would not be taken into account in some places, like their website, but since it was not listed in the contract, they’re not legally obligated to stand behind that statement.

    I’m not sure about the latter (what was listed in the contract), so will need to dig for that. But, given I work in advertising, I know how much of an issue it is if a company makes a claim online and doesn’t fulfill that promise. Their response left me dumbfounded, to be honest. It’s just not right. It’s false and misleading advertising at the very least, but seems like an obvious and glaring breach of contract to me.

  • Ellen Winser

    I’ve had healthy paws now for 6 yrs. 2 yrs ago my premium went up 50%. Now I’m getting another increase of 35% . My rate doubled in 2 yrs. Unbelievable. My dog is 6 yrs old. If I can be part of this class action please let me know. Ty

  • Shiva

    My dog has been insured with Healthy paws for 8 years now since he was 1yrs old and my insurance went up 70% last year and now 78% for this year. This is ridiculous and not right. I cant even change his insurance because he has pre- exisiting condition.

  • Melissa Mardarie

    I’m currently enrolled with Healthy Paws and have seen a ridiculous increase in premium over the years. Below is a breakdown of what I’ve paid since June 2015. My Labrador was born March 2014. I have 90% coverage with $100 deductible.

    2015: $50/month
    2016: $55/month
    2017: $61.23.month
    2018: $76.98/month
    2019: $97.45/month
    2020: $146.17/month

    This last increase (June 2020) is the last straw. I’m looking into other options bc I can’t even imagine what next year’s increase will be!

  • Dristi Ghimire


    I am from Douglassville, PA and I want to know how can i help and participate in this class action, as I am facing too much rate increase too, along with rate change which I think is based on the age too which they claim it is not.

    I first signed up Healthy Paws for
    * My 1st puppy policy effective date September 1st, 2012 at $41.69 per month 90% refund with $100 deductible.
    * Then I added my another pup on May 29th, 2013 with same rate of $41.69 per dog, so total was $83.38 per month which seems reasonable.
    * Then I move to new address and they said due to address change my rate will go up from $41.49 per dog to $42.43 so total was from $83.38 to $84.86 which was not bad.
    * I then got new puppy and added him on July 22nd, 2015 at rate of $42.43 per month, so my total was $127.29.
    * On Sept 1st, 2018 my rate increase from $42.43 per dog to $50.85 per dog which increased total from $127.29 to $152.55 which seemed a lot.
    * On Sept 1st, 2019 in a year the rate increased from $50.85 per dog to $66.10 per dog which increased total from $152.55 to $198.30 which is a skyrocket increase.
    * I just got notice yesterday that my rate will now increase on Sept 1st, 2020,
    From $66.10 per dog to $85.93 per dog for my dogs who are now 8 and 7 years old.
    From $66.10 per dog to $74.77 per dog for my dog who is now 5 years old.
    So, my total will increase from $198.30 to $246.63 which is ridiculous.

    (Here is the fishy part as, I can clearly see that age is being factor, but as they claim the rate increase is because- their exact word from the email”Your monthly bill is going up because, during the past few years there was an overall increase in the frequency of high-value treatments such as cruciate ligament surgeries, cancer treatments including chemotherapy, and foreign body exploratory surgeries performed by veterinarians (most of which can range anywhere from $3,000-$14,000). These rate increases ensure that we can continue to provide nose-to-tail coverage for the lifetime of the policy.”)

    So, how can I help with this class action. Something needs to be done. This is ridiculous, you can see how this new renewal clearly shows the rate increase based on age.

  • isaac martinez

    My premium for HP has increased from $84 to $126 in one year. That’s a 50% increase in one year. I would like to be part of the class action lawsuit.

  • Evelina Stumbraite

    Evelina Stumbraite, August 11, California

    I was shocked yesterday, when I have got a notice, that my dog’s insurance premium jumped up 50%.
    2016: 62.19 / month
    2017, 2018: 68.61 / month
    2019: 83.57 / month
    2020: 125.35 / month
    It increased by 100% in 4 years, and I do not know, what to expect in the future, as my dog is just 7 years old. I came from EU, so I do not understand, how consumer’s protection works in this country. Probably, it does not work at all.
    I am looking for other options. I would be more than happy to join Class Action, if it is possible.

  • Meghan C Simms

    I have had my dogs with them for years and just this June my monthly bill for both dogs went from $86 a month to $129 a month! When I called into customer service, I was told that California was allowing them to increase the bill that month, which made NO sense to me, but apparently has to do with an insurance pool that pet insurance uses? At any rate, this is unacceptable. Yes, please sign me up.

  • Douglas Bourget

    How can I join? I was notified that rates for me are going to go up over 30% next year. They told me that veterinary care has increased that much and before they were undercharging – I simply don’t believe that’s accurate.

  • Lisa

    Mine went up as well. Now they say they cannot insure pets in Washington state. (I was trying to add another pet).

  • Christa Haxthausen

    I would like to join as well! I have been a member of Healthy Paws since 2013 and my rates have skyrocketed JUST as my animals crossed over the 8-years-old threshold. EVERY YEAR. Not only have my premiums gone UP, but their coverage has gone DOWN. They used to provide 90% coverage at our premium tier, now they don’t even offer that as an option anymore now that these guys are “senior” pets, and the most they’ll cover is 70%. It’s a total outrage. After years of dutifully paying $100s/month, and all they can offer is less and less as time goes on and charge us more and more. Please add me to the suit!

  • Stephanie Schoen

    Hello, I live in Northern California and I have two dogs covered by healthy paws. My premiums have gone up significantly over the past three years and I just received notice that they’re going up again this year. I was also told over the phone that age is going to be a factor in my increases even though I mentioned my policy stated it would not be when I first signed up. In the fall of 2018 my premium for both dogs was $108.31 it is now $181.43 – an increase of 68%. My dogs are three and five years old and they have both had insurance since they were eight weeks old. I would like to join the lawsuit or do anything I can to be helpful as I feel this is not ethical or reasonable cost increases.

  • Katie C

    My insurance increased by double digit %’s year over year the last few years (live in CA). We were customers since 2014 and never had any payouts (never sick/no accidents) until about 2018. I cancelled last year in 2019 as I could not justify 50% increase with minimal reimbursements, and they would not let me adjust the deductible to get a lower monthly rate. Now my dog was diagnosed with cancer this year and we are paying out of pocket.

  • Joanne Anderson

    Is this for Washington only? I am in Michigan, my pet has been insured with Healthy Petsa since 2011 and monthly rates constantly going up plus the run around from these jerks regarding a $500 surgery they will not pay out on. They asked multiple times for the same docs, we have sent along with our vet (multiple times), they keep denying and losing the docs. What to do????

  • Ray B

    Am tired of their antics. Am about to switch to another carrier, despite the higher premium. They’ve lost my trust in them.

  • Skylar

    Please let me know how I can join this. We are experiencing the same issue. The rate has now increase 50% year over year for the past 2 years. Healthy paws has also tried increasing our other dog’s insurance before his policy date renewal date. We are now being charged $148.16 for our 6 year old and $82.22 for our 7 month old.

  • Paul Casella

    Count me in. Is it a nationwide suit? I am considering cancelling and taking my chances. . Mine went from 35 to 75 in 3 years. 8 year old healthy pom

  • Grace Park

    Yes this happened to me! I actually filed a complaint with the BBB because of it. It was ridiculous. And I’m a current customer, and when I file a claim they are so shady about it. The first claim, they said I needed to send them medical records which I did nearly 3 times. They said they needed more medical records, but they’ll cover it because it only eats into my deductible. This second time, they told me I needed medical records going back to 2011 in order to move forward. I’ve had the policy for over 2 years, and they never mentioned this until I filed my second claim which was 2 years later. I’m furious.

  • Vaji Dharmasena

    Count me in. I have had Healthy Paws for almost 8 years. They are refusing to pay my pet’s hospitalization fees stating a false claim that she had a preexisting condition which she did not.

  • Xun Gong

    We just got a notice from HealthyPaws that our 9 yo (being with HealthyPaws for 8 years) is increasing from $107 to $238, and they’re asking for an arbitrary enrollment exam to re-establish pre-existing conditions, which is totally unacceptable. The policy under I.6) it clearly states “Your coverage, coinsurance, and deductible will not change due to your pet’s claims experience.” Please let us know how we can participate.

  • Kevin McClellan

    My 4 year olds just went up 60% to $75 a month and 11 year olds almost doubled to $155 a month. If I get a quote for a “new” policy on their site for my 4 year old, it’s only $42 a month for the exact same coverage.

  • Jazmin

    I’ve had Healthy Paws since 2015 and currently paying $216 for my insurance premium. I also just recently received an email notifying that my premium will be increasing to $325! At this point, it is too late for me to even switch because of my dog’s age. I would like join this class action lawsuit. Please let me know what steps need to be completed to be part of this.

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