Virginia Daycare Injury Lawyer

Virginia Daycare Injury Lawyer

Stan M. Doerrer is a Virginia daycare injury lawyer with experience representing children who have been injured due to the negligence of a daycare provider. Mr. Doerrer’s past cases include representing a child who was severely sickened in an E. coli outbreak centered at a daycare in Virginia, a child who was sexually assaulted by a daycare worker, a child who suffered a broken leg after being left unattended, and other daycare injury cases. Mr. Doerrer himself is the parent of two young children, and he knows that parents trust Virginia daycare providers with what they love the most in the world, their children. Daycare providers must take the utmost precaution to care for your children.

When a daycare provider is negligent, various claims can be brought:

  1. Failure to supervise
  2. Safety code violations
  3. Background check violations
  4. Caretaker negligence
  5. Physical abuse
  6. Emotional/psychological abuse
  7. Sexual abuse

The claims are brought by the Minor, through the Minor’s parent or guardian. In Virginia, cases can be brought anonymously so that neither the child nor his/her parent’s identities are revealed in court documents. When and if there is a recovery, the funds are paid to the child pursuant to state law. Frequently, the child’s parents arrange to have settlement funds provided to the child either when the child 18, or at a later time.

If your child has been injured due to a daycare provider’s negligence, we have the experience necessary to investigate and protect your child’s rights, and to maximize the compensation you receive. For Virginia daycare injury and other personal injury cases, we do not collect a fee unless and until we successfully resolve your case. You don’t pay unless you get paid.  If you have been injured and would like to discuss your rights, call the Law Office of Stan M. Doerrer PLLC at (703) 348-4646 or email

Resources for Parents

Daycares in Virginia are regulated by the Virginia Department of Social Services (“VDSS”). If you are aware of wrongdoing at a Virginia daycare, you should promptly report it to Virginia’s Department of Social Services, through its website. This initial step is very important because reporting the misconduct to the VDSS may prompt an investigation by the agency and other cooperating authorities, such as the police or health department. In many cases, the Department of Social Service’s quick investigation prevents harm to others and provides useful evidence in a potential case.

The Virginia Department of Social Services also maintains a website which provides information about licensed daycare centers. This website allows parents to check on a licensed daycare center to make sure it is in compliance with applicable regulations. Parents are also able to use this site to determine whether a licensed daycare has any violations and to review summary information about such violations. The VDSS website daycare lookup tool is available here.

Virginia daycares are also subject to applicable Virginia state regulations. Many Virginia counties also have their own regulations, which apply to centers in that county. For example, Arlington County’s regulations can be found here.





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