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Among other Uber accident cases, Mr. Doerrer represented a recent high school graduate who was thrown out of an open top Jeep Wrangler when it was hit by an Uber driver taking a left turn in the Jeep’s path. The client suffered serious injuries, including facial injuries requiring plastic surgery, and was left with permanent scarring on her face. Right before trial, a settlement was reached in which the Uber driver’s insurance as well as the Jeep driver’s insurance contributed to a settlement in the multiple six figures. More recently, Mr. Doerrer represented a husband and wife who were Uber passengers at the time of a serious crash in Washington DC. Mr. Doerrer’s quick investigation of the incident lead to a previously unknown security video which captured the crash and demonstrated that the Uber driver was not at fault. Personal injury claims were made against the driver of the other vehicle — who ran a red light immediately prior to hitting the car being driven by an Uber driver.

In ridesharing cases involving Uber drivers or Lyft drivers, various questions need to be resolved, including:
1. Who was at fault?
2. Is the injured party an Uber driver, passenger, or third party?
3. What are the injuries?
4. Which insurance policies are in place?
5. Is there any personal injury protection or Medpay coverage? (And if so, can you take advantage of it without waiving your ability to bring a lawsuit?)

If you have been injured in an Uber accident or ridesharing vehicle, we have the experience necessary to investigate and protect your rights and to maximize the compensation you receive.

For Uber accident cases, we do not collect a fee unless and until we successfully resolve your case. You don’t pay unless you get paid. If you have been injured and would like to discuss your rights, contact us today.

Stan M. Doerrer is an Uber accident lawyer with experience representing people who were injured in Uber accidents in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Mr. Doerrer has handled a number of Uber accident cases in which Uber passengers and others were injured. Mr. Doerrer has also given seminars to other lawyers on how to handle tricky issues relating to insurance in such cases. For example, Mr. Doerrer has twice taught a seminar for other attorneys called: “Personal Injury Claims for Uber and Lyft Accidents.” Mr. Doerrer has also been quoted in the national news regarding such cases.





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